Books dating christian men

15-Jul-2017 23:12

The precarious first steps into manhood are often the most fraught. The strong, silent husband who goes to work, comes home to eat, maybe drinks a beer, and watches tv - all the while growing an oily paunch beneath his mustard-stained vest.It is a time where bad influences, pressures, and worry can set askew ideas of manliness for life. Being a husband is one of the most ill-defined roles in culture today.Here are some books that can help teens guide their dating lives with biblical principles, wisdom, and a focus on God.

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Years spent being presented with examples of strength, durability, and power have let whither the nurturing spirit of many a man.

Finally, it’s a problem that’s disappointing many of the young Christian women in our lives. My father has many memories of giving the cute girl from youth group a ride home on the handlebars of his bicycle, while my grandfather had something of a reputation for dancing with all the eligible young ladies at Christian fundraisers.

Kurt Cobain’s ex-girlfriend (and singer-songwriter in her own right) Mary Lou Lord — who he dated before becoming romantically involved with Courtney Love — has written two lengthy Facebook posts about Love, calling her a “cunt” and “the best LIAR and actress in the world.” “To Courtney and her sycophants and lemmings…,” Lord begins in her first post, dated January 31. Even the young women and men who were her biggest fans.… continue reading »

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