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Signs warning swimmers of previous shark attacks are displayed along the length of the Boa Viagem beach.

Fabiana Escobar was married to one of the most powerful drug lords in Rio de Janeiro.

the dialogue goes like that :-tell them why are about to die!!

-you finish now caixeta (his name),you will meet your brother bicha loka.(they killed his bro last year) they sing some rap about killing them.

Temer, the vice president of Brazil, complained that Dilma Rousseff had excluded him from government decisions and treated him like nothing more than a “decorative vice president.” The note was leaked and published online by several newspapers, and the denizens of the Internet quickly worked their magic, producing memes depicting Temer as a Christmas decoration.

Fast-forward six months and Temer is the interim president of Brazil, put in office as the country’s legislature decides whether to impeach Rousseff, the leader of the center-left Workers Party (PT), over allegations she manipulated economic data ahead of her re-election.

Much of her skin is missing, although her foot is still attached.

Ms Gobbi was taken to a local hospital, but died after surgery to amputate her leg around 15 inches above the knee.

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The footage then shows the 18-year-old being brought ashore with serious injuries to the lower part of her left leg.Here are the 14 things Lauren shared with me about living in Brazil.#1 Brazil is not the place to go to save money According to Lauren, “Brazil has gotten very expensive in the last few years.The acting president had asked Ellen Gracie Northfleet, a judge who in 2000 became the first woman to be appointed to the country’s Supreme Court, to take the office of the comptroller general, but she declined, according to Brazilian media.“We tried to look for women, but it wasn’t possible,” said Eliseu Padilha, Temer’s new chief of staff, when the cabinet was named.

Lauren Holmes is from the UK but has lived in Brazil for over three years.

Together they helped run the cocaine trade in the city's largest favela.

[Up to 1834] [After 1834] [Staff] [Inmates] [Records] [Bibliography] [Links] A parliamentary report of 1777 recorded parish workhouses in operation at Rye (accommodation for 60 inmates), Brede (30), Iden (20), and Winchelsea—St Thomas the Apostle (24). Northiam had a workhouse on what is now Station Road. Brede's workhouse stood at Cackle Street, at the east side of the junction with Pottery Lane. Lazarus, who divided the premises into several tenements and a grocer's shop and called it 'Alpha Place'. The property survived until 1939 when it was demlished after being condemned by the Battle Rural District Council.… continue reading »

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