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03-Feb-2018 08:08

The sentence comes after the Crown and the defence jointly recommend that all sentences run concurrently.

They suggested a life sentence with no eligibility for parole for 25 years on all eight counts of first-degree murder, a sentence of 10 years for the attempted murders and seven years for both aggravated assaults. Wettlaufer, 50, briefly addressed the court to apologize for her actions.

She’s short on storage space in the small condo she shares with her sister, so she pours her bi-weekly take into mason jars.

You might assume the type of person who puts their food in mason jars shops at Whole Foods Market, or if they really want to one-up the hipster down the street, the local independent health-food store. Baker, along with an increasing number of condo-dwelling millennials, frequently shops at Bulk Barn.

Some were weird, others were weirder, and all were mindlessly entertaining.

So we figured if seeing a lady with a foot for a hand, a neckless hunchback, and Liev Schreiber popping a squat was worth something to us, it’d be worth something to you.

Gone are the garish signs at its new downtown locations, replaced with sleek red and metal, announcing to Canadians: this is no longer your mom’s Bulk Barn.

"She was far from the angel of mercy, more the shadow of death who passed over them," he said of Wettlaufer's treatment of her victims.) is a Canadian Class I freight railway headquartered in Montreal, Quebec that serves Canada and the Midwestern and Southern United States. Its range once reached across the island of Newfoundland until 1988, when the Newfoundland Railway was abandoned.