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15-Nov-2017 08:25

He stuffs his fat dick into her mouth and down her throat for a few minutes then puts her on the bed and pounds her pussy hard finally telling her to open her mouth and streaming a huge load of cum into her mouth. Hank has been out of town for a few months working a job and he would text me every couple weeks telling me how much he was missing Jackie’s “tight pussy, and couldn’t wait to shove his cock down her throat again, gagging her before he fucked her” etc!

Well, Hank finally came home and he texted me from the airport as he arrived quote: “I”m back in town and the first thing I need to do is fuck your wife Jackie! I really need to feel my dick in her tight pussy and I want to cum all over her pretty face! ” Lucky for Hank, Jackie was just home from the Whole Foods market and I told her how Hank was back and needed to fuck her today asap.

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Jackie always dresses up how Hank wants her and I drive her out to a cheap motel near his work so he can fuck her.

Hank doesn’t waste any time, he tells her to take her tits out and he pinches and sucks her nipples then pushes her to her knees and has her pull his big cock out of his pants.

They’re looking for a little bit of excitement outside of their marriage, and they’re hoping that you’ll be able to provide that for them.

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There are thousands of members looking for someone to cheat on their pathetic husbands with.

Jackie loves to be wanted, especially by men who’s company she enjoys, and Hank is one of her favorites.