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19-Aug-2017 11:06

She said she thought we were compatible and she was interested in me as your friend, lover and husband.She complimented me many times on my appearance, style of dress and more. I discussed her reluctance for kissing, touching and being alone and she said she needed time.I have spoken with many many girls there mostly from Kiev and Odessa.Indeed had a great time and now I am far more aware of what all these pretty girls really like.During this period everything went well except for two things. She was not comfortable holding hands in public and kissing in public the entire trip. She gave me simple thank you kisses after I purchased something.There was never a passionate kiss or any private time or intimacy the entire trip.I explained that affection and romance were very important to me as discussed earlier in email and chat.

We seemed highly compatible and we just spent 17 days together in Crimea.

Ukrainian women are modern thinking, although they prefer to follow certain dating customs.