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07-Nov-2017 16:03

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Application object and replace them with invisibility lines: Notice that you want to put the Word. Visible = True line in an error-handler or in a spot where you know it will be run if something goes awry. (If you do get stuck with an invisible Word in the middle of a crash, you can launch the Task Manager and kill the WINWORD.

EXE process.) How much of a difference does invisibility make?

I have a program written in VB 2010 express under windows xp which does some heavy number crunching combined with serial communication. Not sure if this is possible in VBA, but the general approach is to use additional thread for any CPU/memory/network heavy operations.

When it "gets too busy" it does not update the screen anymore (done simply with = "any text") and it does not respond to user input in any text box. Is there a way I can get the program to do screen update and respond to user input while it is busy? So UI runs in the main thread and all additional calculations are running in a separate thread.

You must set the Screen Updating property to True when the procedure finishes or when it stops after an error.

You can increase the speed of some procedures by keeping screen updating turned off. Insert Paragraph After End With If x Mod 50 = 0 Then Active Document.

The functionality depends on Word, not on the Automation client.

This tip (9151) applies to Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, and 2013.One thing you may want to do with your macro to make it run faster and to prevent distracting flashes on the screen is to turn off screen updating while the macro is running.

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