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Christopher Ramsey, the director of the Oxford Radiocarbon Laboratory, thinks more testing is needed. This is because there are significant scientific and non-religious reasons to doubt the validity of the tests.Chemical analysis, all nicely peer-reviewed in scientific journals and subsequently confirmed by numerous chemists, shows that samples tested are chemically unlike the whole cloth.Our goal with DELTA FOCUS is to engage the citizens of Grant County in the prevention of intimate partner violence (IPV).We hope to create a community where violence is no longer an option and people work together to support one another in engaging in healthy, respectful relationships. Prevention education provided in Grant County to elementary aged youth to educate children about domestic violence is done through two programs: Kid-Ability and Hands are Not for Hitting.promoting healthy relationships in an effort to create a healthier community in Grant County.

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Even the famous Atheist Richard Dawkins admits it is controversial.

Programs have also been developed on bullying for fourth and fifth-graders as well as dating violence and date rape for middle and high school aged youth.